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I successfully designed and created all of our banners for social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads. By employing attention-grabbing visuals and concise messaging, I effectively targeted our audience and generated leads. As a result of my efforts, we witnessed significant increases in click-through rates and conversion rates across all platforms.


Utilizing strategic video editing techniques, we crafted captivating walkthroughs that achieved higher click-through rates and captured the attention of potential clients. By showcasing our product/service features and benefits in a clear and compelling manner, we successfully conveyed our message and generated significant interest among our target audience. In comparison to our static content, our videos proved to be more effective in converting viewers and maintaining their engagement for extended periods. Feel free to explore our video samples below to witness firsthand how we can assist you in achieving similar outstanding results.

Banners_iPhone+iPad Mockups.png


I designed visually captivating banners for events and campaigns, specifically tailored to target the right audience and generate leads. By combining my design expertise with marketing strategies, I created banners that effectively conveyed our message and brand while capturing the attention of potential leads. My efforts played a significant role in expanding our audience and generating a higher volume of leads.

Collaborating closely with our PPC specialist, we analyzed audience demographics and interests to ensure each banner was visually appealing and precisely targeted to drive engagement and conversions. Our cohesive teamwork resulted in the creation of eye-catching and highly effective banners that successfully enhanced the performance of our campaigns and events.


Paid Campaigns (Facebook & LinkedIn)

I personally spearheaded projects that revolved around sharing our new brand, mascot, and updated look & feel across online platforms. Through motion design and animation, I took the reins in conveying the essence and significance of our fresh brand identity. These initiatives aimed to bring our new mascot to life while visually communicating the core message behind our revamped appearance, engaging audiences online in a captivating manner.

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