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In Early 2022 as part of the company rebrand, I was working closely with ZUM (external vendor) to decide how our new brand would look and be applied. 


Once the project was done, I implemented it in many things we do, starting from the new website to our products (still a work in progress), our different platforms, and a lot more.


Since 2020 ControlUp has had a few different "brands" ranging from Oliver's hair color to a strong blue gradient and yellow. In 2022 we completed a completely new rebrand.

Creating a modern brand for your high-tech company is important for a number of reasons. 

  1. It helps to establish the company's identity and differentiate it from the competition. 

  2. A strong brand can also increase customer loyalty and trust, leading to more repeat business. 

  3. In today's digital age, a modern brand is also crucial for establishing an online presence and attracting new customers through social media and other online platforms. 

  4. Overall, investing in a new brand can help your company stand out in a crowded market and drive long-term success.

Hexagon image
Hexagon image


  • Brand elements (images, graphics, etc)

  • Style guide

  • Adobe Cloud Library

  • eBook template

  • Letterhead template 

  • PowerPoint template

  • Social banners template (organic and paid)

  • Logo uses - new guidelines

  • Zoom backgrounds

  • New sub-brand logos for different platforms

  • Virtual and printed cards 

  • Mockups

  • Videos template for social

  • New sub-brand logos for different platforms

  • Emails new templates

  • Emails signatures

  • Branded giveaways and swag

  • Partner Programs, and more

Brand guidlines


As the driving force behind the company's rebranding initiative, I assumed the responsibility of not only deciding on the colors, fonts, and logo guidelines but also recognizing the significance of a supporting design system that would extend beyond the brand itself. With a forward-thinking approach, I recognized the importance of creating a cohesive visual identity that would be seamlessly integrated across various touchpoints, including our company's products, the Academy, customer success initiatives, and more.

By establishing a comprehensive design system, I ensured that our brand's visual elements were consistently applied across all platforms. This allowed us to create a unified and recognizable experience for our customers and stakeholders, enhancing brand loyalty and fostering a sense of trust and professionalism.

The design system became the backbone of our brand's visual language, providing guidelines and rules for the consistent usage of colors, typography, imagery, and other design elements. This holistic approach facilitated efficient and cohesive design implementation, not only in our products but also in other areas such as the Academy and customer success programs.

Through a thoughtful and meticulous design system, we were able to convey a strong and consistent brand message, ensuring a harmonious visual experience for our customers throughout their journey. By extending the design system's influence beyond the brand itself, we created a sense of unity and coherence across all facets of our company, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and leaving a lasting impression on our audience.

Brand guidlines mockup
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