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Old mascot, new look!
Image of Oliver


Oliver is the mascot of ControlUp for many years. Originally he was part of the product, he used to be the expert that helps our customers in their daily work.

I took the initiative to redesign him entirely, giving him a nice personality and a more friendly look.
Today Oliver is being used in our stickers, on swag items, on the company's internal, social banners, website, products, Slack and Whatsapp stickers, and more.

Image of Oliver


Oliver, the virtual expert, started off as a simple button in the Real-Time Console to assist customers. He had a basic design—a low-resolution sketch of a head, glasses, and hair inspired by the ControlUp logo.

Even his name, Oliver, had the initials VE for Virtual Expert.

The company used Oliver's generic poses for video thumbnails on YouTube and image covers for their blog. They also had four illustrated images of Oliver that were repeatedly used, especially on social media. However, this lack of variety quickly became monotonous, and the illustrations didn't match the original version they were still using alongside them.

Image of Oliver
Image of Oliver


Oliver is with us for a long time, ever since we had him features as our virutal expert on the Console UI, however, we also used him on our graphics for PPT, YouTube video covers, blogs and social banners.


Introducing Oliver, our beloved virtual expert who has been with us since his debut on the Console UI. Over time, Oliver has become a prominent figure in our graphics, including PPT presentations, YouTube video covers, blogs, and social banners.

However, we recognized a significant problem with Oliver: his lack of facial expressions. It became apparent that without eyes, eyebrows, or any other facial features, Oliver couldn't effectively convey his emotions.

To address this issue, we embarked on a mission to revamp Oliver's design. By adding expressive eyes, eyebrows, and a small mouth, we transformed him into a more relatable and human-like character. This redesign not only enhances people's connection with Oliver but also eliminates the uncanny valley effect he previously experienced.

With these improvements, Oliver is now ready to captivate and engage our audience on a whole new level.

Image of Oliver


Oliver embodies the core attributes of our company perfectly. As a small company with strong values, we prioritize our customers' needs, ensuring that we not only assist them in their daily work but also offer support during their most critical moments.

We want our customers to perceive ControlUp as more than just a tech company providing exceptional tools. We strive to be recognized as a company led by individuals of integrity—trustworthy, reliable, and committed to continuous growth. By embodying these values, we aim to make ControlUp even better, ultimately contributing to our customers' success in their professional endeavors.

Oliver, our virtual expert, aligns seamlessly with our company ethos. His presence symbolizes the helpful, caring, and dedicated nature of our team. With Oliver as our mascot, we reinforce the message that ControlUp is not only a provider of innovative solutions but also a company that genuinely cares about its customers' well-being and progress.


I created Oliver using Adobe Illustrator in vector format, driven by my strategic vision for his future usage. This approach offers several advantages:

  1. Efficient File Size: By utilizing pure vector graphics, the files remain lightweight, enabling easy disassembly and reassembly of Oliver as a puppet. This flexibility allows for swift creation of diverse poses.

  2. Consistent Quality: The graphics retain their sharpness and clarity regardless of the resolution or size in which they are utilized. This ensures a consistent and professional appearance across various platforms.

  3. Seamless Integration: The newly designed Oliver can be seamlessly imported into Adobe After Effects, facilitating smooth and dynamic animations for a range of creative possibilities.

By harnessing the power of vector format and leveraging Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, Oliver's redesign opens up exciting avenues for future enhancements and engaging visual experiences.

Image of Oliver


It was crucial to provide Oliver with a wide range of facial expressions, making him appear more human and relatable. This enhancement aims to foster a stronger connection between Oliver and our customers, creating a welcoming environment that encourages open interaction and engagement.

Image of Oliver
Oliver_iPad Mockup_2.webp


With the new design, we now have the freedom to depict Oliver in a multitude of actions, preventing our graphics from becoming repetitive. This flexibility allows us to break away from the previous limitations observed in our old banners. We can now explore a wider range of possibilities to keep our visuals fresh and captivating.


At ControlUp, we have a vibrant WhatsApp group where Oliver takes center stage in our daily conversations. We leverage Oliver's expressive facial stickers to complement the familiar emoji icons, adding an extra layer of fun and personality to our discussions. These stickers featuring Oliver's various facial expressions contribute to a lively and engaging atmosphere within our WhatsApp community, fostering a sense of connection and shared enjoyment among our team members.

Image of Oliver


Creating the animated version of Oliver and seeing him on the big screen of NASDAQ alongside the other board members of the company was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Being able to bring Oliver to life through animation was a solo endeavor filled with excitement and personal fulfillment. From designing Oliver's character to animating and coordinating his movements and interactions with the other board members, every step of the process was a thrilling challenge. Seeing the final result on the NASDAQ screen, with Oliver and the other board members represented in such a grand way, was a moment of pride and joy. The fun and enjoyment that came from single-handedly creating this animation will always be cherished as a testament to their dedication and creative abilities.

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