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Don't Wait App

A Mobile Application (Concept)

Illustration for Cover


For my final project at Netcraft Academy, I created a mobile app concept that uses smartphone features to make dining easier and more efficient. I wanted to create something new and different from the competition, so I tested other apps, added personas and scenarios, and learned about user pain points.


To add value to my app, I included features like calling a waiter, asking for napkins, paying, and even making an order and allowing the kitchen to start cooking before the user even arrives. I also used my illustration and animation skills to create a unique and engaging user experience.

App Spread_UX.jpg


I used wireframes to explore new and different ways to design mobile apps. For my student concept project, I wanted to break away from the traditional and create something fresh and unique. I was inspired by the unconventional, and I wasn't afraid to experiment. I pushed the boundaries of what was expected and challenged myself to think outside the box.


To create a visually stunning and impactful app, I used a palette of warm and vivid colors that are commonly associated with the food industry. I arranged these colors in a fan-like pattern, so that they would blend together seamlessly and create a gradient effect. This gradient creates a sense of dynamism and movement, and it also helps to emphasize the app's focus on food.

The warm and vivid colors that I chose are also designed to evoke positive emotions in users. These colors are associated with happiness, excitement, and energy, which are all qualities that I wanted to associate with my app.

I believe that this fan of colors is a unique and effective way to make a visual impact and create a memorable user experience. It is also a way to differentiate the app from its competitors in the food industry.

App Spread.jpg
Mobile Mockup.jpg


  • Waiting in line to order can be time-consuming, especially when families have young children.

  • Once families have ordered, they may have to wait for their food to be prepared, which can also be time-consuming.

  • When families are finished eating, they may have to wait for the waitress to bring the bill and process their payment.

  • If families are on a tight schedule, they may not have enough time to wait in line, order their food, eat, and pay before they need to go to their next activity.

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